When it’s the first day of the Summer 10×10 and you are already using a dress as a skirt. One of my favorite ways to get the most out of my capsule wardrobe. #summer10x10 #10x10friends #10x10challenge


Ready for the Summer 10×10 – though my looks will only be worn during the work week. It is just too hot in ATX to build in weekend wears also. I spent all of 15 minutes picking my pieces. Will I regret having two chambray tops?! Only time will tell. Though I did last minute sub the green chinos in for another black midi skirt. #summer10x10 #10x10friends #10x10challenge @leevosburgh @caroline_joy

Winter 10×10 day 9. Another day, another wear of the Sotela dress – this time with a blanket scarf. I almost cheated on my 10 items today and added my cropped wool sweater as a layering piece, but I refrained. Sigh, ready to have my full capsule back.

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Winter 10×10 day 8. One thing I’ve noticed this 10×10 is I’m wearing my pants a lot less. I favor dresses for work more than pants – which is a little funny because in my mind I’ve been trying to find the most work appropriate and true to me black pants. Hence these from Madewell, which are their sateen jeans. I scored them on a super sale and do know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of them. But maybe I can stop focusing on the hunt for work pants and instead focus on dresses. 10×10 revelations.

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Winter 10×10 day 7. I’m more than ready to have my full capsule back now. Though I am excited to wear this scarf for the first time. It was a lovely Christmas gift and it dresses up this Sotela dress perfectly.

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