Spent the whole morning on a plane and finally arrived in NYC. So thankful that the raw silk from @jamieandthejones wears so beautifully! I love how classy and comfortable the whole outfit is. Not pictured their ink duster – love it!


Thankful for a work wear capsule, makes packing for a work trip to NYC effortless. #fallcapsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobe #minimalcloset #workwearcapsule

If any of you have ever watched Mean Girls then you know, “on Wednesday we wear pink” and October 3 is a good day. This year October 3 is on a Wednesday! Thanks to this @sotelaco dress I have pink to wear that is in capsule! With my Sam Edelman shoes, Eileen Fisher duster, and flower scarf from Anthro I fell ready to take on the day.

Sorry to be MIA all week. Little did I know when I posted that last shot on Monday was I had a nasty virus lurking in my body. I went to work that morning for some meetings, but I started feeling awful and left around lunch time. My fever spiked at 102.6 and my husband rushed me to urgent care. I honestly felt like I was dying. I was like welp this is where you go, in a tiny urgent care room in north ATX (not my ideal ending by the way). They ran a bunch of tests and did some x-rays on my lungs. Sent me home with some codine cough syrup, Thamaflu (sp?), and a note for work saying I couldn’t go back until the 15th. I thought the doctor was being dramatic, but I laid in bed all week feeling awful. Thankful I had someone take such good care of me. I hear you universe. I needed to slow down. I’m still at about 57% but getting better every day. Going forward I’ll try to find more balance.