Setting 3 goals for this space in 2019. 1. Joining The Garment Challenge: I am excited to join the community committed to this goal for 2019 – Buy only second hand or responsibly made garments in 2019 (or nothing at all). #thegarmentchallenge #thegarmentcommunity 2. Capsule Wardrobe, Relaxing the Rules a Bit: I started capsule wardrobing a couple years ago to simplify my life as I finished my dissertation and I followed the 37 piece rule. I went through several iterations of creating my seasonal capsules and I was really able to find my true style and come to understand the importance of ethnically made clothing. Moving into 2019 I will relax the number of pieces for each season, might be less than or more than 37. I will feel empowered to create the capsule that suits my life. #unfancy #10x10challenge 3. Ethical Fashion Representation Matters: I am excited to engage more in the conversations around the ethical clothing space and BIPOC, as a Latina who is heavily invested in the slow fashion movement, I want to share my ideas, perspectives, and challenges. #10x10representationmatters #ethicalfashionrepresentationmatters #slowfashionrepresentationmatters

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