Dear Elizabeth Suzann,

I am going to start by saying:

Yes, I understand your business philosophy, no – I do NOT need you to explain it to me.

Okay, now that is out of the way, I hope you do not feel the need to lecture me for the third time about what it is you do, exactly.

I have been following your Insta for a year or so (though I did just block you after your head of marketing decided to contact me via my personal email about an exchange I had with other people about the cotton poplin shirt on Insta – see below), and I know many lovely style bloggers that are obsessed with you. I had been coveting some of your pieces for a while, but there had never been a great time to invest in a piece. Side note: it is an investment – your price point is freakishly high for what you do.

Finally I was able to order two pieces for you for my summer 17 capsule wardrobe. I was so excited! I did plan ahead – I ordered them in April for my summer capsule. The email said they would be ready in 3-4 weeks. I eagerly waited. Nothing. I contacted you around week 5, and your customer service was lovely (though she did lecture me about what you do). She felt bad about the misquoted delivery date and decided to refund my money.

I did NOT ask for this, I only wanted an ETA on my two shirts – that I had paid for in April, but had yet to hear anything about.

My shirts finally came on Thursday, 6/15. Immediately I was underwhelmed. The shirts were much smaller than I expected – length wise. The cropped design was not work appropriate. I wore the black cotton poplin Linn tee with some grey skinny jeans from Madewell. I posted an Insta about it. Another side note: I post a picture of what I wear EVERYDAY. I started doing that when I started my capsule wardrobe journey.

My mistake.

I had no idea that when I expressed my honest opinion – which in the morning was mild disappointment, it would cause such a problem.

I think I underestimated the loyalty of your customers. I was attacked. One lady, who I honestly had never interacted with, accused me of all kinds of strange things. People who shop ethically have very strong opinions. VERY STRONG. I get it, I also shop ethically.

However, I have three things that have to happen:

  1. My piece must be ethically made
  2. It must be beautiful AND fit within my capsule
  3. I must get it in a timely manner

I stared capsule wardrobe-ing when I was writing my dissertation in January of 2016. Slowly, that has lead me to be really mindful of where I buy my clothes. However, I am also a planner. I start planning my seasonal capsule pretty early, because I know the lead time on ethically made pieces might be long. For example, sometimes I think Everlane takes forever to process and credit returns/exchanges.

That is why I ordered my piece from you in APRIL. To be worn in JUNE.

I am not being unreasonable here.

Honestly, I am confused by this whole interaction with you. I think you do not understand me as a customer. Especially as a potential loyal customer who would have continued to shop with you for years.

I will never shop with you again.

I have many more places that I can shop, IMBY, Sotela, garmentory, Eileen Fisher – just to name a few.

I wish you all the best in your next ventures,

Dr. Ari V

PS If you had waited for your head of marketing to attack me via email, you would have known I actually love the linen blend top – I have been living in it all weekend.




2 thoughts on “Dear Elizabeth Suzann,

  1. Hi there, this is an interesting read! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Elizabeth Suzann and am thinking about making my first purchase. I know there are two sides to every story, however, and I would love to know both! Would you consider posting screenshots of the emails sent from yourself and the customer service representative? Along with the email from the head of marketing? I’m particularly interested in this lecture you’re speaking of. I’ve heard that they love educating their customers on what they do since I’m sure they receive many emails a day asking about how they operate. Not everyone does their research as thorough as you do, and I’m sure they were just trying to explain what was going on rather than “lecturing” you like a child. Anyways, it would be good to show all of the facts and evidence before having your readers make one-sided assumptions about a reputable company. I hope this is something you’re willing to consider! All my best to you.


    1. Hi Helena, thank you for taking the time and commenting! I do not mind sharing their emails and have shared some of them on my Instagram page, particularly the one from their head of marketing.

      The previous ones from customer service were fine. Yes, they probably were “educating” me. The first time she did it I replied, that yes I knew what they did. She no longer lectured me. She was kind in her email, though honestly I did not need her to refund the money, I even said as such. I do not expect things for free, I just want them in a timely manner. Even when I had to update my mailing address, they were cool with that.

      The email from the head of marketing however was in the same email chain as the ones with customer service. I don’t think she read my previous exchanges before emailing me. I also did not appreciate getting an email from her on a Friday afternoon. If she wanted to participate in the conversation that was happening on Instagram, she should have communicated with me and all of us there.

      Speaking of Insta, I have lovely “friends” there, people I talk with every day. People who post beautiful pictures about their life and their clothes. I love my Insta community. For the most part everyone was fine, sharing in my disappointment, but offering encouragement also. I do not mind these interactions. A lady, who I had never interacted with before (that I can remember), started posting on my photo. That is fine, I have a public Insta. But I did not appreciate her lecturing me either – those comments have since been deleted and that user has been blocked.

      Honestly, I am sure if you want to shop with them it will be fine. I think they are no longer underwater on the WWC. I still have lots of friends who love their pieces. And like I mentioned, the linen blend shirt is amazing! I am sure if I had been able to wear that one to work on Friday, none of this would have happened.

      But it did happen.


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