Spring 10×10 Challenge

I had so much fun with the Winter 10×10 Challenge that I have decided to participate in the Spring one as well!

Even though it is currently snowing today, I checked the weather for the next two weeks and it should be in the 50’s – 70’s range temperature wise. So I am being brave and picking warmer things (i.e., cropped pants and my chambray keds – which were originally slated for my summer capsule, but I am anxious to start wearing them!).

I also decided to go outside my comfort zone a little and not include any jeans in my 10 pieces. I’m focusing solely on my new pants from Everlane: the stretch ponte crop pants and the cropped wide leg pants in blue. I may have to make modifications as it goes on, but it is currently my plan to try my best to stick to these two pants. I have found myself constantly reaching for my J Brand skinny jeans and I am excited to try to be a little more creative in my outfit choices.

Last time I did my look 10 days in a row, this time I am only doing week days – which is the practice of Lee from Style Bee, the creator of the 10×10 challenge. I think that will help me from getting burnt out from the challenge as I was feeling a bit by day 8 last time.

Outfit posts start Monday!

My 10 pieces are:

  1. Chambray top
  2. Grey v-neck tee
  3. Light grey scooped neck tee
  4. Black long sleeve tee
  5. Black crop pants
  6. Blue wide leg cropped pants
  7. Blue shift dress
  8. Cropped grey alpaca sweater
  9. Brown booties
  10. chambray Keds





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