Reflection on the 10 x 10 Challenge

I completed the 10 x 10 challenge last week and it was lovely! A little tough, but definitely interesting.

Here are my 10 looks:




And my 5 favorite looks:


Three reflections:

  1. Creativity. It definitely pushed me to be more creative in how I put together my outfits. Case in point, favorite outfit number 2 – black Sotela swing jersey dress layered over a chambray shirt. I loved this look! I don’t think it would be something I would have tried had this challenge not taken place.
  2. Shoes, two will do me. I was actually surprised that two shoes didn’t feel like too little. I love my Sam Edelman booties and already wear them a lot, but this was my first time wearing Everlane boots and I also loved them. I think I will take this knowledge into my next capsule wardrobe and cut my total number of shoes down. Which is great because it will allow me to add more tops or bottoms!
  3. Community. I’ve been doing this whole style blogging thing for about a year now and love the community I have found in Instagram. This challenge opened my eyes to even more lovely ladies to follow! I loved seeing everyone go through this challenge and I cannot wait to see it again in the spring.


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