I’m excited to join the 10 x 10 Challenge for the first time starting tomorrow!

I’ve seen this one floating around Instagram for a while and have been interested in attempting this style challenge. As I was sorting through my current capsule I found myself having a hard time narrowing it down even further to just 10 pieces. It could be that I am tired from my full day of traveling back to PA, or that I have been living out of a suitcase for the last 3 weeks so I had already been using a smaller part of my capsule to begin with. I especially had a hard time picking my tops as I began overthinking what would look good layering and creating 10 different outfits. So I decided to just pick some and go with it – this isn’t forever, just the next 10 days.

I decided to modify the challenge slightly for my current weather situation, I am not counting heavy jackets or outside only shoes (i.e. my L.L. Bean Boots) because those are necessary to get to the bus and campus. So I am only counting pieces I will wear inside. That opened up one more piece which I added to my tops section.

I’m excited to see how this increases my creativity in putting together outfits and using scarves and accessories in unique ways to change up outfits.

My 10 Pieces

2 shoes: tan booties & grey Chelsea boots

4 tops: grey and white stripes t-shirt, chambray top, grey long sweater, grey cardigan, & long sleeve black tee

1 dress: black swing jersey dress

2 bottoms: blue skinny jeans & black skinny jeans


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