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Fall Capsule

After living in TX for the last 16 years I am excited to experience this season called fall. I have tried my best to design a fall capsule wardrobe that will allow for lots of layering because apparently fall gets cold in the northeast, right? I mainly raided my winter capsule wardrobe to create this one, with a couple pieces coming over from my summer capsule. I was able to pull this capsule together without having to buy anything, which is nice because I don’t think the same will be able to be said for my winter capsule.

I have been thinking about outer wear a lot lately, as I prepare to experience my first real winter. I have decided I will count some jackets, but not all. So I will count what I am thinking of as “fashion jackets” – those that can be worn to complete an outfit and provide a little warmth, but can also be worn inside and not seem that strange, i.e. a blazer. But I will not count my rain coat or warmer North Face jacket, both of which I imagine I will wear a lot of this season.

I am excited to experiment with layers and to wear oxfords and boots again. I am also excited to see these fall leaves change colors. Fall capsule will go into effect October 1.

Items with an * are coming over from my summer capsule.

37 pieces

15 tops

  • Chambray tunic
  • Chambray with white dot pattern
  • Blue button up with white dots
  • Long purple boyfriend cardigan
  • Grey, yellow, and cream cardigan
  • Black cardigan that drapes
  • Brown and black cardigan that drapes
  • Navy and white stripes long sleeve*
  • Purple v-neck long sleeve
  • Grey v-neck long sleeve
  • Teal, navy, and cream stripes
  • Grey v-neck t-shirt
  • Dark grey v-neck t-shirt*
  • White and grey stripes v-neck t-shirt*
  • Black with white dots blouse

3 dresses

  • Black and white stripped dress
  • Blue jersey dress*
  • Dark chambray dress*

9 bottoms

  • Grey Levi’s*
  • Grey skinny jeans
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Blue distressed jeans
  • Charcoal leggings
  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Caramel corduroys
  • Blue jeans
  • Khaki skit*

7 shoes

  • Tan booties
  • Black booties
  • Tan oxfords
  • Black oxfords
  • Brown boots
  • Patterned flats*
  • Grey and pink Keds*

3 jackets

  • Burgundy velvet blazer
  • Grey suede jacket
  • Grey wool military style jacket