Transition Capsule

I was all set to begin blogging about setting up my summer capsule wardrobe. I was excited to do it right by starting two weeks out and making plans, buying some new pieces, and going through the rest of my clothes in my closet.

But then I realized that wasn’t going to work so well. I am in a huge transition period right now. I am wrapping up my time in Austin and why yes I do have a countdown clock – t-minus 33 days. I was fortunate that I had a writing fellowship this semester, so my time really is my own now – no graduate research asssistantship work to do, no places to be really, and no more dissertation to write. I am trying to spend as much time with Bryan as possible, see as many friends as I can, visit my favorite places at least one last time – basically trying to enjoy my last month in Austin. I’ve called Texas home for 16 years and I am trying to lovingly say goodbye.

Plus, I know what an ATX summer capsule would need to contain because I am familiar with the intense heat that comes with summer here. But I have no idea what to expect in Pittsburgh! can only be so helpful – it estimates that the highs will be in the 80’s. But I don’t know about the humidity, the rain, or the heat index. I do not know what it will feel like to live there yet.

So I have decided to do a transition capsule, if you will. One that is flexible with my current carefree lifestyle and one that can work in transitioning me to PA.  The transition capsule will run at least May 15 – June 30. I am debating whether to just have it go through July 15 – using those first two weeks in July to get used to my new commute to my post-doc fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. Plus, that will give me a full month to get used to living there. I know my life will be very different there and I want to make sure my summer capsule wardrobe truly works in my new environment. I think this will be helpful before investing in pieces that I think will work, but in reality do not work.

I am sticking with 37 pieces. So I think the breakdown may be something like this: 8 shoes, 9 bottoms, 15 tops, 4 dresses, 1 jacket.

Stay tuned for an update on what exactly is going in my transition capsule!



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