Spring Capsule 2016 – Update, Modifications, and Online Shopping Shenanigans

So I blogged about starting my spring capsule March 1st.

However, there were a couple things I had ordered that were on their way. Specifically some things from DSTLD, Modern Citizen, and Everlane.

The pants from DSTLD came and I already love them! Wore them to guest lecture on Tuesday. They are high waisted black skinny jeans and they are the perfect thickness for summer – not thick at all. I can tell I will get a lot of wear out of these jeans.

The dresses from Modern Citizen arrived and I was thrilled. I had to go buy a slip for the sheer ivory dress (which that journey deserves its own blog post), but overall I love them both. I have already worn the black drapped dress to an anniversary dinner on Thursday night. I can tell already that I am going to love this piece – it can be dressed up or down and has a nice structural element to it.

That brings us to the pieces from Everlane. I placed that order on March 1st and waited patiently for my stuff to arrive. They send notifications through facebook messenger, which is an interesting business model – but whatever. Fedex showed me that they were in Austin on March 8th and I was so excited to finally get them, but my package was sent back! Everlane had failed to put my street name on the label, just numbers. I immediately emailed their support team and heard back pretty quickly. There was no way to resend my ordered and paid for clothes. I was told to reorder, using an account credit they gave me, and use faster shipping to get it back to Austin soon. I went to reorder and the shirt dress was out of stock in my size! I knew this might happen. Everlane has limited inventory. I emailed with customer service again. There was nothing they could do, including not just sending me the dress that I had already ordered again. It wasn’t in their system to do that.

I was frustrated and annoyed and ready to cancel my whole order.

I didn’t, I let the other three items come. They arrived today. I really like the high waisted black shorts and the v-neck heather grey shirt (I love a grey v-neck). The slip dress I am a bit torn on at the moment. I think it also requires a slip or just very good undergarments – which is totally fine. All of the pieces are high quality. I really wish I could have gotten that shirt dress though, I am pretty sure I would have loved it.

So below you will find my updated spring capsule wardrobe list, items in pink are new

Jackets (2)

  • grey suede
  • vintage Levi denim


Tops (15)

  • grey v-neck
  • grey cropped sweater
  • grey cardigan
  • chambray shirt
  • navy and white long sleeve stripes
  • pale chambray
  • white sleeveless tunic
  • white blouse
  • white and tan polka dots blouse
  • periwinkle cardigan
  • grey tank
  • navy BKLYN shirt
  • dark grey v-neck
  • grey v-neck
  • tan and white stripped drappy blouse

Bottoms (7)

  • black shorts
  • j-crew denim shorts
  • black jeans
  • dark skinny jeans
  • khaki capri pants
  • wide leg navy grey linen pants
  • grey linen pants

Shoes (9)

  • brown sandal heels
  • brown booties
  • brown suede ballet flats
  • pattern flats
  • pink and grey keds
  • blue oxfords
  • white sandals
  • grey and yellow flats
  • grey strappy heels


Dresses (4)

  • black & white stripped dress
  • tank dress
  • drape dress
  • tie dress

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