Inspiration (and new jeans)

Instagram is a wonderful, wonderful place.

Through this online community I have been able to peer into the world of many a minimal dresser and yesterday I stumbled upon MODEste. I have been obsessively stalking their blog and Instagram ever since.

I began by reading their post on a clean wardrobe – ethically sourced pieces of clothing. I was simply scanning the post whilst doing a million other things – preping for a dinner guest, watching TV, updating research participants, and wandering around cleaning the house. But I pinned it to go back to later.

This morning (while I should have been working on my dissertation) I went back to that pin. The list was extensive and the research done was fabulous, leading me to find some ethical clothing companies from that blog post and pinned a lot of things!

As I explored the websites of these clothing companies I found a lo of things I loved.

I even bought some black high waisted skinny jeans from DSTLD. I’m already planning my spring capsule (more on that in a later blog post) and I knew that black skinny jeans were on my list – plus, the price and the size were perfect. While I was technically supposed to wait until March to start purchasing things for my spring capsule, I couldn’t resist.

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