Simple Joy

I am a fairly sensitive person – as in, I have a lot of feels all the time.

I have always been sensitive, but lately I have become more mindful about how I go about protecting my feelings and my time. This year I have been making a much more concentrated effort to surround myself with more things that bring me joy. Whether that is people who I enjoy, things that are beautiful, or spaces that are calming.

Perhaps it is because I am going through such a stressful life change (hello, dissertation writing, finally finishing graduate school PhD edition, and moving across the country!), but I am being very deliberate in how I spend my time. I have the next 103 days mapped out pretty extensively – yes, I have a count down of my remaining time in Texas –  and I am trying to get as much simple joy out of the people, places, and things that I love here.

That is why I am loving this capsule wardrobe: academic edition so much.

It frees up my time, my space, my decision making processes, and my energy. To focus on other things, to find the simple joy in having 37 wardrobe pieces to mix and match for a season instead of worrying about what to wear from my extensive clothes collection. Capsule wardrobe-ing has allowed me to have a much calmer process in the morning. Which is nice because I normally begin my day with 2 plus hours of dissertation work.

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